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Tax Advice


I am extremely eager to endorse Scott Woodman as a tax attorney. Over the past year he has provided tax representation services to my wife and me of such a high and professional quality that I can't recommend him enough. His knowledge of tax law, his attention to detail, and his ability to consider and then present all available options to us in an honest and forthright way has been wonderful!


We had been represented by another tax attorney for the previous 4.5 years, so we have someone with whom to compare Mr. Woodman. I sincerely mean it when I say that on every level there is no comparison. Mr. Woodman is unusually gifted as a thinker and analyst and he comes across as one who truly cares. I thank God for Scott Woodman's professionalism and competence in my life.

Tax Advice/Estate Planning



I have known Scott for many years and have used him for different legal issues over the years ranging from Taxes, Living Trust and Business issues. I have found Scott to be very knowledgeable, articulate, ethical and most of all very honest. Having Scott as my legal counsel over the years has given me piece of mind and assurance that I am well taken care of. I have referred Scott to close friends and acquaintances over the years of which that in itself says a lot and the feedback I got from them was that they were very satisfied with his work and expertise.


Tax Minimization Strategies Services


Scott was good. He came up with alternative strategies, explained ups and downs of each, and created spreadsheets to show me my alternatives.


Draft Contract to Relinquish Rights to Brand Name

Scott was easy and great to work with!


Contract Review


Scott responded with a fair proposal and reviewed my contract very quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again!

Promissory Note Terms Service



Scott was easy to work with. He responds fast, and does great work. Highly Recommended.



Business Dispute


I hired Scott Woodman as my lawyer a couple of years ago because I had a corporate contract dispute with my dishonest ex-business partner. Thanks to Scott’s high integrity and extreme professionalism I was able to successfully resolve the business dispute, got my invested money back, and finally put that awful experience behind.


I would recommend Scott Woodman's services to anyone who is in need of a good lawyer.


Tax Planning/Entity Creation


As a CPA, I have retained the services of Mr. Woodman a number of times over the last decade. His services were retained to help my clients during complex transactions to research tax law, in order to make sure these transactions were reported correctly for tax preparation. His services were also retained directly by me to provide advice on subpoenas I had received to produce protected documents when a past client of mine was being sued.


Most recently, Mr Woodman’s services were retained to incorporate my tax accounting practice. The process was amazingly simple. Mr. Woodman asked me several questions then provided me with sample documents to review. He was extremely patient when I proceeded to ask him over 50 questions of clarifications as well as outcomes during hypothetical scenarios I had come up with. He answered every one of my questions clearly, intelligently and as mentioned before with the utmost patience. After the entire process was finished, he contacted me again to make sure I had no other questions or issues.

Entity Creation/Estate Planning


I have had the pleasure on three separate occasions to hire Scott Woodman for his legal services, twice to incorporate two of my businesses, and once for estate planning (personal will). In all separate occasions, Scott has been extremely knowledgable, professional and extremely patient. I have found his legal advise and services invaluable and I am very grateful that I can rely on Scott for his legal expertise.


IRS Tax Resolution


I owed over $70,000 in back taxes to the IRS that were accumulated over many years.  Mr. Woodman was able to take advantage of the particulars of my situation to submit and offer-in-compromise that reduced my debt to less than 5% and allowed me to pay that reduced amount over 2 years.  I just don't know what I would have done without him!

Website Terms of Service


I have been a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner for over 18 years and didn’t give much attention to paperwork, policies and procedures or stating terms of service to my clients until my income was beginning to suffer due to late cancelations, pricing and misunderstandings regarding my scheduling. Now that I have it all in writing on a form clients read and fill out there are no uncertainties and when a client has to cancel on short notice the late fee is accepted.


Mr. Scott S. Woodman has been overseeing the legalities of my business Indigo Holistics for the last three years now and I am grateful for his watchful eye.  Scott pointed out that by stating in writing the experience of my work, session times, rates, fees and cancelation policy as well as how to contact me and my ethics of confidentiality my clients and students will enter my work place with a feeling of being well cared for on a therapeutic and business level.


Scott insures that my business is protected when he informed me of the importance of also stating privacy policies within my website, links to my website, limitations of liability, my copyrights and trademarks as well as having the right to modify or change my terms of service for the better of the website and business.


I feel confidant to refer Attorney Mr. Scott Woodman to anyone needing Terms of Service written out for their business and or website.

LLC Dissolution



I was incredibly satisfied with the work and commitment by Scott. His combination of tax and legal background was perfect for our project.


Tax Attorney

Scott did a good job digging into the issue and proposing how to solve it. Seems to have strong understanding of the subject matter, and gives solid advice in dealing with grey areas.


Business Services

I have known Mr. Scott Woodman for many years prior to aid in all matters legal pertaining to my business. He has been providing me with legal advice in regards to my business for the last three years and most directly and officially within the last two years.


Mr. Woodman began with an engagement letter to embark on our professional relationship regarding his legal counsel towards and not limited to my business as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. In which he has guided me to write and state the purpose of my work as well as include any current assets I may have with my company of which I am the Sole Proprietor. He has successfully set up an LLC for my business Indigo Holisitcs as well as amended necessary articles to clarify the intention of my business for the corporation board.


Mr Woodman has referred me to trusted lawyers whom have provided legal services for setting up a trademark for my business Indigo Holistics as well as getting my written works copyright and protected. Mr. Scott Woodman as also provided council for me after my fiancee' had a prenuptual agreement drawn up and was careful to help me have certain areas of the prenup re-worded to protect the entity of my business Indigo Holistics and my assets.


Scoot Woodman offers sound legal advice and I feel the respect he carries for me as an individual and businessman. I trust the words he speaks and always feel he is acting in my best interest. I am most grateful for Mr. Woodman's advice and council and would recommend him for lawful council to anyone with all matters pertaining to business.


IRS Tax Resolution


Attorney S. Scott Woodman proved to be a God-send as far as our recent OIC with the IRS is concerned. My wife and I had been working with another tax attorney for almost five years and getting nowhere. The IRS claimed we owed over $170,000.  But Mr. Woodman's high degree of competence and professionalism helped us to settle for less than 5% of that amount! His careful analysis of our financial history and situation, combined with his insight about how the IRS evaluates OIC offers, enabled Woodman to achieve for us a much better than expected settlement.  



Estate Planning


Mr. Woodman was extremely professional and knowledgeable in Corporate Law and Estate Planning.  He gave me the time and consideration to make sure my needs were met.  I wouldn't think twice about referring him to colleagues."

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